Vintage Velocity

Testing the setting and colors for a graphic novel/animated short project. Chase scene between two vehicles, set in the 1950's, but with a very modern twist.

Vintage Velocity
Some Eisenhower-era expeditiousness
There's a certain temporal element to my long-term, personal graphic novel/animated project, and this was one of the color and look tests I put together for that particular set of scenes... A little hometown, edge-of-the-seat, white-knuckle chase goodness on wide whitewall tires. If you look closely, you can see the big-diameter, modern rolling stock on that green-hued Buick, giving sense that the whole time-continuum thing is just slightly off-kilter.

Having a blast with this... just need to warp my own time to make it happen. Or clone myself.

Anyway... hope you dig it.
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