The 65

A pencil rough scanned and completed in Illustrator, then output, and reworked with airbrush, marker, ink, paint and chalk. I placed the drawing over an aluminum mesh and rubbed the texture before finalizing all splatter work with a toothbrush and washes.

The 65
A Mild Face-Lift
A good friend picked-up, well, a pick-up, and the thing had amazing patina... It's one of those solid, survivor antiques that you just fall in love with, and are immediately drawn to.
Suffice to say, as hot rodders, we love this monster because it's all updated with modern suspension, running gear... but just lacks enough finesse to be fun. Wanting a more finished look, my pal asked for a rendering of the truck, to see how some ideas we'd been throwing around would pan out. I worked on custom paint, taking cues from the stock color, and adding an olive tone, and playing with the factory two-tone break to bring the wheel center color into that now-elongated side trim. I stuffed the grille back into the opening, adding some black there, as well, and creating a custom grille insert. A filled rear pan and relocated license tag finish the smoothed backside, and subtle striping and smoothing complete the picture.
Pencil sketch scanned and completed in Illustrator, then printed, and attacked with airbrush, paint, ink and chalk.
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