Take a Walk

An illustration of two vehicles, playing with environment and lighting to set a mood in a fictional cityscape, highlighting an industrial feel for two hot rods. Combining portrait work and video game-like aesthetics to my established style to broaden my range.

Take a Walk
A little wandering around my mind...
While I was creating the 12 cars for the AutoWeek/Rad Rides 2012 calendar, I continued to expand upon my idea of crafting a fictional cityscape, in which one would find a bunch of cool cars parked around... And this image was a ton of fun.

Two cars in one image, seen as though one were making their way through a warehouse area. The A-Tona and a wild custom '57 Ford street machine (both of which I would love to work with a manufacturer to see die cast!) at the moment between dusk and darkness.

Pencil sketches, scanned, re-drawn in Illustrator, printed, then post-processed with ink, airbrush and paint... then re-scanned for mild color-correction. Playing a lot more with the moodiness, settings and illumination, and just having fun.

One of my all-time favorite illustrations. Hope you dig it.
...and both cars.
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