Spaghetti Western

One of the twelve illustrations I had created for the 2012 AutoWeek Magazine/Rad Rides by Troy calendar project.

Spaghetti Western
A little Historical Reference to Taste
Another of the dozen illustrations and designs I created for the 2012 AutoWeek Magazine/Rad Rides by Troy/Studio PCK calendar...

I took a look at Ferrari, and drew inspiration from past models and racing heritage to play a bit with the 458, bringing in some Borrani wire wheels, a more traditional, rounded feel to the lights, an egg crate grille, taller air extractors, and even some racing stripes.

The backdrop? I opted to give the feeling of a cheesey old Western movie, and played-up the flat, 2-D look for kicks. I kept imagining some cowboy hat-wearing oil baron tearing up some back roads, so it all fit...

Pencil sketch scanned, Illustrator lines and color blocking, some minor Photoshop texturing, then printed, and post worked with chalk, guache, airbrush and marker.
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