SoCal Cubism

Studio PCK concept rendering of custom accessories and modifications as applied to the 2010 Nissan Cube. A Southern California beach cruiser theme mixed with VW bus sensibilities.

I've been working on a great project lately, having been given accessto the new Nissan Cube on a great, intimate level, and the project hasspawned a number of concept renderings... While I can't show many ofthese publicly, I can, however, share a couple....

The first isa SoCal-style cruiser lifestyle concept, this time I took a more subtleroad, with my goal (with this being seen by the engineering andcorporate folks) was to emphasize the car's built-in customizingpotential, and to push the envelope for aftermarket accessories.

Afew key elements include the wind-out windows (windshield and rear doorvent), sliding rag top, louvered fender, grille filler, lower grilleopening bar and two-tone paint.
Hope you dig it!        
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