Pre Show Git-Down

Pre-show party poster and t-shirt graphic design, featuring a desert setting, hot rod trucks, and a caricature of the host.

Pre Show Git-Down Poster
A fun design for a fun time's legit!

A Valley Tradition. Twice a year, local legend Dino drops a party like no other, leading into a weekend of major car show madness. It's Chevy-Only, and brings out hundreds of great trucks and people, and makes for oneĀ  memorable evening...

I was asked to create some artwork for posters and t-shirts, and brought in some not-so-subtle advertising for Dino's business (why not, right?), and pull in two local trucks, and some Southwest flair for the folks visiting. After all, it's not just a promo piece, it would become a souvenir!

Spot color simplicity, massive detail, and a ton of fun.
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