Night Glare

Print design featuring a muscle car era street machine racing through the streets at dusk.

Night Glare
Street fighting in the midst of the Cold War
What began as a t-shirt design for wandering the SEMA Show floor in 2006 became something far different over the years, and grew into a poster that we gave out to a lucky few. Those pieces fed many a phone call asking for a reprint...
Needless to say, we're givers and whatnot. The decision was made to release a few into the wild, and I'm truly stoked about these. The texture has been retained flawlessly, and the colors are spot-on. It's more than just faithful to the original, it rocks.

A street fighting missile blasts from the mid-town official buildings on a moonless night, with the lamps blazing ahead. I attempted to capture that "I'm ouuta here!" feeling, and mix in some "I'm gonna be run over!" for good measure. My all-time favorite piece.="yui_3_3_0_2_130288547719250">
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