Mahi Mah-T Deck 2011

A limited-edition skateboard deck featuring a hot rod design over a tropical-inspired textural background.

Mahi Mah-T Deck 2011
Limited-Edition, individually numbered
Only 125 will be made, and each one is numbered...

I took the Mahi Mah-T, one of my most popular hot rod designs and prints, and decided that, as demand has been steady enough, to turn it into a skateboard deck. The background is a labor of layering and textural love, and plays up the island feel of the show rod-inspired tall Model T coupe.

I've released the Mahi Mah-T on a one-time-only, limited-edition skate deck, and have individually numbered
each deck, making all of the 125 available a unique collector piece.

The decks are 100% Canadian Maple (ask a pro, and they'll agree, it's the best for making a skatebord), and feature a 7-ply construction, meaning incredible strength and pop for control. The graphics are all HAND APPLIED, providing a superior level of quality (no misalignment, air pockets or ragged corners), and this is done right here in the good ol' USA.

The finish is bright, has a great level of gloss, and is very durable. The edge of the deck has almost NO VISIBLE or raised edge on the graphic. These are top quality through and through.
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