Late Night Call

A late-night scene depicting a hot rod making a call on the lady of the car owner's affections...

A Late-Night Call
Spinning a few yarns with some hot rod drawings
I had taken a select group of older designs and renderings, and decided to create a story with each over the past year. Rather than just have the drawings serve as eye candy, or a plan for a project, I felt that a number of them would make for some great fine art pieces, and had a story to tell.

This custom Merc is one of my favorites from that series... It's a stand-out to me because from the front view, you may be led to think that it's just a cool car in a dark, dingy setting... but as you more around the car, you see the light on, and the car is now running in the damp, dark night. I saw this as the owner of the car making a call to a lady he's seeing... on the sly.

There's a second part to this, involving the little maiden's husband returning home... but we'll post that soon...
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