Falcon Guts

Concept rendering for a custom car interior.

Falcon Guts
What's inside matters, too
A concept design rendering for a one-off, custom 1962 Ford Falcon project. Creating some new surfaces, as well as updating the existing panel work with new materials to update the overall look. A cross between pro-touring and custom car.

Eliminated the rear seat, added a pair of roll bars/frame stiffeners, floor-mount pedals, center console, and fresh seating created using custom-made frames and sculpted foam.

Seating will feature leather surfaces, with that material used on door panel inserts and wheel tub covering, with hard surfaces being painted using a 'soft touch' satin finish.

Polished accents throughout, and minimal switches. Instrumentation is located according to the vehicle owner's sight line.
...and, just for kicks, some of the idea phase doodles, and exterior renderings to get a feel for how it all ties together.
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